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American Infidels is an American Veterans’ Motorcycle Club and a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to the promotion of the “American Way”.

We passionately support our Military Members and Veterans. We believe as American Infidels that the freedoms that have been bestowed upon us are not to be taken for granted; and to never forget that the ideals and freedoms we live by and enjoy are a direct result of the bloodshed on the battlefields by the warriors that have come before us. These brothers in arms un-selfishly sacrificed the enjoyment of their freedoms so that we could live the “American Way!”

American Infidels reject and oppose anti-American views that are being propelled by Islamic Terrorists and Fundamentalist groups. Unlike some, American Infidels VMC is an Equal Opportunity Organization that embraces Veterans of all races and creeds!

We shall forever honor those that have sacrificed for us!

OUR PRIMARY GOAL is to promote the Ideals and beliefs that founded this country. We aim to develop a bond between all Righteous Americans that Believe in the freedoms that were given to us by the founding fathers and protected by the War Veterans that came before us.

Where We Are

As a National Organization, American Infidels VMC can be found promoting the American Way and Veteran’s organizations across the country. We host our own fundraisers, motorcycle rides, and parties as well as attend pro-veteran, pro-military, and pro-American functions.

Updated event information can be found on our National Facebook page as well as our Chapter Facebook pages.

Get Involved

Our organization welcomes all Americans and Pro-Americans of all backgrounds. We encourage community and individual involvement with our group and the mission we aim to accomplish. We highly encourage involvement during hang-arounds, public events, and rides.

Membership Requirements

1) Membership into the American Infidels Veteran Motorcycle Club is open to all Military Veterans and Righteous Americans that passionately support American Military Members.

2) 10% of individual chapter’s membership can be non-veterans who otherwise meet the requirements for membership in that chapter.

3) All American Infidels Members, including prospective members, must own and operate an American-made V-Twin motorcycle manufactured by a North American owned company. They must possess a valid motorcycle operator’s license, current motorcycle insurance, and current motorcycle registration.

4) One-time new membership fee that will cover their vest and colors

5) Must submit to a background check.

Start A Chapter

1) Requests to establish a new Chapter must be submitted in writing to the Founding Chapter

2) The New Chapter Application form must identify the members that will hold the positions of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

3) A minimum of four members is required to start a new Chapter. All members must be veterans or active duty military (10% of total starting number may be non-members; aka Patriots)

4) New Chapters will undergo a one year probationary period

Become A Sponsor

American Infidels Veteran Motorcycle Club encourages co-branding with American-based companies, especially veteran-owned small businesses. We are always looking for partners to help with merchandise, charity raffles, events, and rides. Please contact your local Chapter if interested.

Merchandise And Donations

Merchandise Sales and Donations are at the heart of how we provide services to Veterans in need. As a U.S. Government recognized 501(c)(19) Veteran Non-Profit Organization, American Infidels VMC provides services, financial help, appreciation, and donations directly to Veterans in need.

For Flag, For Country

For Veterans & Patriots

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American Infidels VMC is a Federally Recognized 501(c)(19) Veteran Non-Profit

All Photography by:Georgi Ruley: Studio Seven Oh Seven Photographie

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